Inhouse Consult offers legal and contract solutions to small and medium sized businesses throughout New Zealand. As you will see on our Services page, Inhouse Consult offers more than just the core legal services. We can also help you prepare better for the future and contribute to strategic decisions - so you can think about how to make your business even better or perhaps prepare for that all important exit when it is time for you to bow out.

Our commitment is to offer small businesses the chance to have a person with professional skills embedded in their organisation who:

Employing legal counsel to work in the business is a popular and expanding feature of big corporate organisations. However, for SMEs this is usually considered financially and commercially unsustainable as an additional cost to the business.

Inhouse Consult's business model makes the advantages of inhouse legal counsel available to all SMEs. This gives you certainty in your legal spend and allows you to budget better. You will also see the benefits over the long term as your risk profile drops with legal overview.